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June 24, 2004

Kruckenberg Hacked - Rebuilding with Movable Type 3.0

3 days ago kruckenberg.com got cracked/hacked, via an unpatched PHP vulnerability. It stinks, but there are good things. For some time we've been wanting to move to a new machine, which Pete built awhile back, but neither of us were actually doing much about getting stuff moved over. The idea is to move the web applications to the new machine and leave mail on the existing.

During the hack Pete shut down the webserver and adjusted the firewall to not allow web traffic. Perfect time to get the new machine up and running.

First order of business was getting MT up on the new machine. I had read the rage over MT 3.0 pricing but hadn't looked lately. Based on a year+ of writing a weblog I think the limited free version will meet my needs. It's free and will let one author (me) create up to three weblogs. In the past Pete and I had shared an installation of MT. Now either I'll maintain my own installation (not sure if Pete's going to stick with 2.66 or move up to 3.0) or pony up the $69 for a personal license.

Before I can do anything else I want to get the old BDB entries moved to MySQL and brought over to the new machine.

Posted by mike at June 24, 2004 4:11 AM