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June 28, 2004

Backward Compatibility with New Page Names

Although I like having weblog pages that aren't named from an ID in the MT database, I got to thinking about the old posts that are referenced out there and didn't want to leave them hanging.

The solution, change the weblog configuration to "old style" links and regenerate the site, then change it back to "new style" links. Since MT doesn't delete pages, the ID-named pages will remain in the archive directory alongside the new-named onces. For existing links I'll preserve the ID pages but moving forward will use named pages.

I actually generated two sets of ID-based pages, one with .html and another with .php extensions - at different times on the old weblog I experimented with weblog pages with embedded PHP. A look through the Apache error logs reveals that requests are coming in for pages with both extensions.

Posted by mike at June 28, 2004 11:36 PM