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June 28, 2004

Convert MT Data from BDB to MySQL, Dump on Old and Restore on New Machine

Got access to the old server (Pete had blocked almost everything via ipchains). Thought I'd better take a crack at getting my old data over to the new machine before I had too many entries. To make things complicated we're blocking all web traffic and the entries on the old weblog are in BDB.

I decided I really didn't want to copy all the tables . . . just the entries and comments (including some spam that I hadn't caught).

On old server:
- Edit mt.cfg, adding config for MySQL database
- Run mt-db2sql.cgi via a wget request
- mysqldump from mt_entry and mt_comment where blog_id= (use full inserts because there are slight changes between 2.66 and 3.0)

On new machine
- Dump few entries I'd made in the new weblog
- Delete records from mt_entry (so old entries coming over from previous weblog could keep ids)
- Use new MT to set up blogs and categories
- Import mt_entry data
- Run a few mysql updates to change blog_id
- Manually change ids for the dumpfile I'd created of new entries and reimport

Either I didn't do something right, or there was a problem with the BDB conversion, none of hte old entries have categories on the new weblog. Any bets on whether I ever go back and update them? Probably not until after I get the energy to make the style tweaks.

Sometimes a fresh start can be good, but most often it's just a lot of work.

Posted by mike at June 28, 2004 4:05 PM