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June 28, 2004

Welcome to CAMP Shibboleth

Kenneth Klingenstein (Internet2 Middleware Initiative Project Director) is giving an overview of the conference.

The tradition is to start with and IBM commercial where basketball team is composed of players named after systems (Linux, Firewall etc). Everyone gets tons of fan mail and Middleware gets one piece, and nobody wants his signature.

Shibboleth is moving overseas, folks here from Netherlands, UK, Australia.

No longer using target and origin to describe functions of shib, origin is now known as Shibboleth Identity Provider.

Ken goes into details about the purpose of shib, status, and where things are going.

Ken worked on NSFnet back in the day before the internet became big.

Lessons learned from NSFnet
- keep it simple and solve real problems
- make a marketplace
- stay low for as long as you can
- be prepared to travel

The hope is that shib will be something that fades into the background, with little development, somewhat like TCP/IP.

Posted by mike at June 28, 2004 9:00 AM