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July 26, 2004

Best Practice Perl

First presentation of OSCON 2004 is Damian Conway, giving a tutorial titled "Best Practice Perl." There is a good handout of the slides that details things, but Damian goes into futher detail on each slide, want to catch some of that. Not sure I'll catch everything Damian is saying, but at least the highlights.

Damian Conway not coming off the mountain to give us the 10 Commandments of perl (shows picture of Charlton Heston). There is not one best way to do most things, it changes between people. Rather than "the" best practice, these are "a" best practice. Learn to avoid IPS (Intuitive Programmer Syndrome), coding to feel good, as opposed to doing what's best. This presentation is a start, best practices need to be agreed apon by all team members, who must stick to it. Giving up IPS is difficult, like giving up smoking . . . . crack.

One of the overlying goals is to make code instantly recognizable. We shouldn't write from a writers point of view but a reader and comprehension point of view. Best practices are sometimes writing good code that works, but often can also be rules for coding that it will make it easy to find something stupid we've done.

General Thoughts

Layout Style

Layout style (K&R, DSB, GNU, Slash) doesn't matter, all are equally false. Agree on how to space etc.


Have a consistent style of naming identifiers.


Control Structures


Halftime break - Damian shows a slide show of "friendly animals," a presentation about spiders, snakes, bugs etc in Australia that are all deadly - quite funny - a song by Scared Weird Little Guys about dangers of Australia

Built in Functions





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