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July 30, 2004

Looking forward to Solaris 10

Went to the Solaris 10 and Open Source BOF tonight. Four kernel engineers did a good job of fielding questions (sometimes a little hostile) about everything from kernel features to business and licensing issues with open source.

After a slew of questions they did demos for Zones (something like UML), DTrace (much improved truss-like tool), new system config (/etc/init.d has dependancy definitions), predictive self healing and ZFS (new file system). The conversation got much friendlier after the demos, and in some ways felt like a conversation you might have with a person from a company who used to be your competition but now are in partnership with. The guys were clearly excited about these projects and the attendees seemed to get into it.

The beta of Solaris 10 is available now.

As an annoyed-we-don't-use-Linux-at-work employee I got some joy at thinking of Solaris being improved by someone not employed by Sun. I wonder . . . some Sun enthusiasts have told me "I would never use Linux because you can't trust code built by a community." So what are you going to do now . . . switch to Longhorn?

Posted by mike at July 30, 2004 12:09 AM