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July 29, 2004

Q & A with the Dysons: Freeman & George

OSCON Day 4 starts with a keynote where Freeman and George are on the stage answering questions from Tim O'Reilly. Ester was supposed to be here but got stuck in Texas.

Freeman talks about his current interest in biotechnology, and domestication of technology where people become "married" to their computers. Hobbyist using the tools of genetic engineering to in growing flowers, raising reptiles, etc. If one person wants to grow the most prickly cactus how to we unsure it's kept within control.

George, who last year talked about history of technology, talks about dropping out of school to go build kayaks. Schools try to divide people between those who are good with their minds and good with their hands.

In the past the American right of passage was to take apart a carbeurator, very happy to see a movement back to people hacking hardware.

Freeman's book Weapons and Hope talks about issues or risk and safety with nuclear weapons. We're living in a society that's risk adverse, but do all kinds of daring stuff.

Session gets opened to the audience for questions.

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