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July 26, 2004

SCO vs IBM Moot Court

Attended the OSCON evening entertainment tonight, a mock court where SCO and IBM sides were represented. The real lawyers for both sides were consulted heavily, but couldn't attend a public event like this and make statements per the magistrate's direction. Didn't get the names of the stand-in lawyers, but apparently they couldn't find any lawyer except the SCO lawyers themselves that actually agreed with the SCO side. The lawyer representing SCO had to be a little sarcastic, was nice of him to present the other side even if he didn't agree with it. Was interesting to hear both sides, much of which we've heard before.

One of the questions asked afterward was "what can we do moving forward as we code to avoid our work coming under litigation." The lawyers suggested that active documentation about what and how you are writing the code is important. Darn it, Damian was also pushing on good documentation this morning, for different reason of course. I agree documentation is good, why is it so hard to get motivated to document code?

I remember last year a panel suggested to never agree to sign an NDA before looking at some other code, because just seeing another piece of code might influence future works from the developer.

Posted by mike at July 26, 2004 10:49 PM