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July 3, 2004

The Yearly Trip to Burlington, Vermont

A through-the-window shot of the evening sky over Lake Camplain in Burlington, Vermont. The trip to Burlington has become a yearly tradition. In the past we've come up in late May, but decided this year to make it later in the summer to increase the chances of having warmer weather (it is warmer, but also much busier as it's Independance Day weekend).

We always stay at the Smart Suites hotel. They have good rates, large and clean rooms, indoor pool, delux continental breakfast and DSL (and our room looks out west over the lake to upstate New York). Today they didn't have our room ready on time. After I got them to knock $50 off the bill we swam in the pool for an hour. We were going to swim first thing anyhow. We also scored some Ben and Jerry's for the inconvenience.

Last year, I forgot my battery charger, didn't make the same mistake again.

I guess this is how family traditions are made, take a trip one year, like it, and start repeating it every year. Perhaps one other qualifying characteristic is that you have to be able to imagine your kids complaining about it. I can already hear the complaint: Why do we *have* to go to Burlington again this year, it is so boring and stupid.

Posted by mike at July 3, 2004 7:12 PM