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July 19, 2004

When will I Settle on A Planner?

I'm ready to have figured out what kind of planner I like best. At the end of 2003 I shelved the Palm and went to a paper-based calendar/notebook. I am much happier with the physical notebook with pages filled with my handwriting. Yet I'm not convinced it's just the right thing . . . and I want to know what the right thing is so I can move on.

Around the time I made the switch back to paper I was turned on to Moleskine notebooks, made in Italy. The idea is good quality lined paper, leather cover, elastic band to keep it closed and a great deal of history. Van Gogh, Hemingway, Matisse, Picasso all used Moleskine notebooks. I figured starting in 2005 I'd become entrenched in the Moleskine way.

I had run out of room in the notes section of my 2004 planner, and someone had requested a series of meetings from Jan - June 2005 so I figured it's time to hop on the Moleskine site. I ordered large (5x7) 2005 one-day-per-page diary/planner. I do believe I'm closer to finding "the" planner, but am now trying to make one final decision. The store shipped me the wrong size planner, a smaller 3x5" one-day-per-page instead of the 5x7." A quick email and the larger size one is now in my hand with a note to "keep the smaller one as a gift from us." Problem is that I'm torn between the smaller, easier to carry one vs the larger, more room to write. Gosh, if I could only make up my mind.

Why does it take so long to figure out something that seems so small? Is it because it's a one-year commitment and I don't want to get locked into something that just isn't right? Part of me hopes that if I keep active with writing notes, schedules, ideas etc in the planner that some day I'll have a bookshelf full of notebooks/planners that will represent my life's work. If I can find the right size sooner than later, that future shelf will have notebooks of uniform size, shape and quality.

Posted by mike at July 19, 2004 9:25 PM