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August 26, 2004

Building a Fort in the Living Room

Lately I've found myself suggesting to the kids that we build a fort in the living room. I loved doing this as a kid.

I probably didn't get it out of my system when I was young, and I want the kids to have fun with it, but I'm pretty sure my primary interest now is being able to apply principles of engineering that you just aren't aware of as a kid. Plus, dad can approve things like setting chairs on top of each other or using furniture typically off-limits to the kids.

We built a small fort a few days ago and I snapped a few photos. Nothing terribly impressive about this one, a more conservative design which is sturdy and provides complete blockage from outsiders (as opposed to an open-ended). The biggest one we've built to date spanned the entire living room including the TV so we could watch Sesame Street, was a considerably less stable and more open design.

Perhaps we'll get the Kid's Guide to Building Forts someday to get some new ideas. At some point we'll no doubt get more serious and need a book on treehouses and outdoor forts.

Posted by mike at August 26, 2004 6:59 PM