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August 11, 2004

Camping Trip to Mount Monadnock, NH

Heidi picked me up last Friday at the subway with the car loaded and we headed up to Mount Monadnock for a few days of camping. We love Monadnock State Park because it's not a long drive (1.5-2 hrs), not overly commercialized (but has clean bathrooms) and the campsites are spread out a bit for semi-private camping.

Great weather the entire weekend, had an enjoyable time playing in the campground (yes, that is a Tonka truck), sitting for hours around the fire, hiking through the woods and enjoying the small town of Jaffrey, NH which is nearby.

There is a small airport in Jaffrey. We noticed a number of small planes going in and out so we drove up to the airfield and spent a little time watching planes come and go. Got a nice shot of an old biplane that we saw take off, do a few tricks and then land.

I took the campsite photo using panorama mode on my camera, the helper tool on the camera required 5 photos to get the campsite. When I assembled the 5 photos in Photoshop there was enough duplication that I only used 3 of the photos to assemble the photo.

Posted by mike at August 11, 2004 8:15 PM