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August 17, 2004

Hey, that's Me at OSCON in the Solaris 10 BoF

Was looking for some details on Solaris 10, particularly about the features demonstrated at the OSCON Solaris 10 BoF and ran into a slew of Sun weblogs, one with photos. Hey, that's me.

I've thought about this meeting a bit, and spoken to a friend or two about Solaris 10. My opinion of Sun, which hasn't been that great (even though Sun is all up in our production environment), has risen since that meeting. If I could point to one thing I'd say it was those developers showing the work they were doing and me thinking, "Hey, these guys are doing some interesting things, are excited about it, and in many ways are just like any other developer working on their project." I typically think of Sun as being full of closed-minded, secretive folks who disapprove of anyone who's not Sunnified. That image was broken down a bit.

That's three "Hey's" in one entry, will try to control myself in the future.

Posted by mike at August 17, 2004 11:34 AM