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August 14, 2004

Midnight Run to Apple Store Nets 14" iBook and More

A few months ago I decided to get Heidi a 14" iBook for her birthday. The official birthday isn't until late September but her Beige G3 300 got really messed up in the past week. I was planning on ordering everything online, but was prompted by a few friends to take advantage of the Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday, which means no sales tax today. Apple was cool enough to identify the opportunity and opened all Apple stores in MA at midnight.

I told Heidi I had something to do at the data center at midnight, left around 11:30 and picked up Heidi's sister, Holli, who was thinking about getting an iPod.

There were quite a few folks at the Apple store, actually the busiest I've ever seen one. Apple had all these great deals with the iBook, which I was able to combine with educational discount to come back with:

All the while I was in line, Holli was trying to decide if she should get a new computer. She decided on the 12" iBook, but when the store didn't have any in stock we left. As I was starting the car to leave she decided to get the 14", so we went back in and got her a 14" iBook with the 20G iPod for $69. I can't say I was objective, Holli had an original iMac for years but when it died started using a PC laptop. I was happy to provide encouragement and support for her getting back to Apple.

Got home around 3am, left the iBook on the living room floor with a sign "Your birthday celebration starts extra early this year" and went to bed. At 7am Heidi found the box and note and I came downstairs to watch her open etc. It's been a pretty exciting 12 hours.

I want to make a comment at how great the Apple store folks were. Everyone was friendly, laughing and having fun with the customers. There were forms from the state that had to detail all the purchases, which was kind of a headache for the empolyees, but I didn't get the sense that they were annoyed by it. In some ways the trip was kind of like going to a party with friendly people, and the atmosphere certainly enforced the decision to purchase from the Apple store.

Posted by mike at August 14, 2004 6:43 AM