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September 26, 2004

HandBrake for DVD Backup

Pete and I got into this conversation last night about tools to copy DVD video. He was doing some interesting stuff with some of their DVDs where he'd clip off the advertising on the front, and credits at the end to produce a DVD that contained only the movie, not even a menu. Made it much easier for the kids to watch a movie, not having to wade through trailers and menus.

We also talked about how DVDs get trashed so easily (esp when kids are involved) and I got to thinking how many times we've re-purchased a favorite DVD because the original got damaged.

So I looked around a bit and found HandBrake, a simple GUI using a collection of GNU libraries for making an mp4 file from a DVD. It's pretty simplistic, allowing you to extract any video file to a .mp4, choosing a primary and secondary audio track to go along with it. Not only does it allow you to set the bitrate, you can also specify a total end file size and the extraction will change settings appropriately.

I also played with DVDBackup, which seems to be about removing or changing regional encoding, analog protection system and CSS, the extracted file is still .VOB. MacTheRipper seems along the same lines.

Posted by mike at September 26, 2004 4:17 PM