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October 4, 2004

Burning to Disk Image from iDVD

I was working on a DVD tonight and got annoyed. iDVD isn't terribly good at showing the true timing of music and images. I thought, "why don't they let me save the DVD as a disk image so I can play with it a bit before wasting a DVD-R just to test the timing."

Lo, and behold, someone's already done it. With a few simple steps I can CTRL-click on the burn button and I'm prompted to choose a disk image name and location. And it's fast. Under 5 minutes to create the disk image. Launched my Apple DVD player and it automatically found the disk image and started playing the disc.

I can't say how good this is, rather than waiting an hour for the DVD to burn and then checking it on the DVD player I can create a disk image and use that for debugging. Maybe someday I'll upgrade to a better DVD authoring tool, or iDVD will get better. Until then I will enjoy this little nugget.

Posted by mike at October 4, 2004 7:43 PM