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October 28, 2004

Indicators that you're not happy at work.

I've noticed that there are a few signs that I'm really not happy at work. I'm not talking about having a frustrating day or unproductive week, but the deep-down "I can't work under these conditions" kind of feelings.

For me they are:

1) Someone announces they are leaving and I am jealous that they get to go on and do something different. If I'm happy about my job I tend to think more along the lines of how much the departing employee will be missing.

2) Rather than just poking around on the web I'm looking at monster or any variety of possible job descriptions and actually thinking what it would be like to move into a new position with a fresh start. The more I like the thought of a fresh start the more I'm unsatisfied with the conditions in my existing job.

3) I dust off the resume and update experiences to reflex the last x number of months. Sometimes I think about this after a frustrating day, but never do anything until a job gets unbearably frustrating.

I haven't had any of these happen for awhile, but have been thinking of times when the job stinks and how that manifests itself.

Posted by mike at October 28, 2004 10:16 PM