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October 5, 2004

podcasts becoming all the rage

Over the past week or so I've had several conversations about people automating the process of getting audio content from the web to their iPod. In a conversation with Pete last Friday he pointed me to ipodderX, ipodder and podcast, all sites focused on some aspect of automated RSS audio feeds.

Yesterday I got IpodderX set up and started listening to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. It didn't take long listening to Adam's feed to get the sense that this is all the rage, and get curious about if doing some audio feeds of my own makes sense. Engadget has a nice how-to for using and making podcasts. Looks like slashdot picked this up yesterday too.

Three initial thoughts:
1) Just because you can record and provide an audio feed doesn't mean that it's always the most appropriate method of communication. Text weblogs are much better for things like code or configuration snippets etc.
2) It will be nice when established news sites start providing these kinds of feeds. I'm thinking of NPR, who offers their news in Real streaming but not in a format I can stick on the iPod
3) There's a lot of talk about iPods, but hopefully other players will come into the mix.
4) What are the legal ramifications of using music or other copyrighted works in podcasts? Adam plays full songs and today references using Limewire to get a tune.

Posted by mike at October 5, 2004 9:16 PM