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October 17, 2004

Colleges, Universities and the RIAA

Now that we've got a short break from baseball before the Red Sox head into the World Series wanted to get something out that's been on my mind. A few articles came across my news reader over a very short period of time and thought it worthy of note:

- September 30th, 2004, RIAA files 762 lawsuits, against college students.

- University of Virginia committee finds students aren't interested in an on-campus music service.

- Syracuse University gets 25 letters a month from the RIAA. The student's online access is blocked until the student comes into the office, hears a lecture on illegal music and signs an RIAA form stating they will not download any more music illegally.

- Georgetown University requires students to take DCMA and Fair Use exam.

- U of North Carolina schools trying iTunes, Ruckus, Cdigix and Rhapsody and hoping to have something for the North Carolina University system in the spring.

- Brown University sees heavy use of OurTunes, which shared iTunes over a local LAN.

In addition to my recorded thoughts, one other thought I had on this was about the RIAA's power. The RIAA really is just a representative of member record labels. When we talk about using indie music we're really talking about non-RIAA music. The list of 994 labels that are members serves as a good resource if you're really wanting to check if something falls under their umbrella.

Posted by mike at October 17, 2004 6:49 PM