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November 4, 2004

44 Days of Uptime on 12" PowerBook

For the longest time I had been in the habit of shutting down my laptop for transit. Since I work in the morning from home, go to the office in the afternoon and then work a little at home in the evening this means a typical day would include three startups and three shutdowns on my laptop (I do not have a desk computer, just a laptop and a slew of servers).

Awhile back I read something about a PowerBook user having 38 days of uptime and wondered how many days I could go without powering down. Looks like it's 44.

The main reason for shutting down today is that I see three security updates, and new versions of iTunes, Java and Quicktime are waiting in the Software Update.

I poked around a bit to see if sleep mode was appropriate for travel and found mixed opinions. Seem like if I can cart this laptop around in my backpack, bumping on the floor of the subway and being tossed in the a seat on the bus for 44 days without a problem I'm pretty confident that sleep mode is ok for transport.

Posted by mike at November 4, 2004 7:54 PM