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November 4, 2004

Boston University using TUSK

After many weeks of legal work (our people getting in touch with their people) I recently met with a few technical folks from Boston University and turned over the latest production release of TUSK (Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase), along with some hurrried documentation.

BU approached us a few months back, having seen a demo of our system and asked if we'd be willing to meet to discuss sharing our code with them. After some internal conversation, we met with the decision-makers and discussed the requirements for running our system (technical expertise, hardware, support). Part of the conversation also included an informal discussion about future collaboration, where they'd allocate development time to improving a piece of the system.

After that initial meeting, the simple process of drawing up the agreements turned into a long back and forth between legal to make sure all each school was happy with the arrangements.

The technical meeting finally got scheduled after the last piece of paper was signed. I put together a CD with a bunch of my build scripts, a snapshot of the database structure and the complete source code (99% Perl scripts and modules). In my mind the meeting would have gone long and really dug into details, but the BU folks were just anxious to get back and start looking through the code.

Part of this process is coming up with documentation on how to install TUSK for another institution. We don't see ourselves as developers of an installable product, so there's a lot of digging into code to find places that need changed. I'm trying to simplify that for the BU folks by at least providing documentation which points to places needing changed.

Posted by mike at November 4, 2004 10:39 AM