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November 18, 2004

No more Gentoo

In a matter of two weeks I've abandoned both my gentoo installations.

Scenario 1

Boston University is installing the TUSK software and as a part of helping them I've wanted to start from scratch. BU has it's own Linux distribution, but it's based on Fedora Core 2. The logical choice was for me to do a base FC2 installation and then document the process of installing the necessary applications and libraries and doing a config of our code (which has led to some good improvements in our source).

Not only did it makes sense to install FC2 because it was closer to what BU is using, it also makes it simple to wipe the machine and start over (without having to ghost a Gentoo install). In 30 minutes I can reformat the hard drive and have a fresh install of Fedora ready, which enabled me to practice the TUSK installation several times.

Scenario 2

This morning I get a report from the security team (part of NOC) that one of our machines is doing portscans and most likely has been comprimised. Sure enough . . . I had let a bunch of stuff lapse on the machine and someone got to it. Fortunately it is our internal documentation (twiki) server. There's a lot of valuable information there but at least it's not production, and it's not connected in any way to ourr production environment.

While I could spend a few days to rebuild Gentoo, I had Fedora Core 3 sitting on my desktop. People are anxious to be able to use the machine again so it made more sense to do the 45-minute install and be done with it.

I'm a strong believer in trying new things, the last Red Hat install I did was 8.0. I'm sure there will come a day when Gentoo works it's way back onto one or more of my machines.

Posted by mike at November 18, 2004 12:58 PM