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December 4, 2004

External DVD Burner for iBook

I've been considering getting an external DVD burner for my wife's iBook, which I bought without the Superdrive (I was short-sighted, she's constantly coming to me with iMovies or iPhoto slideshows wanting a DVD burned).

A little looking around and I find a likely candidate, the Formac Devideon. As I'm digging around to find out more information on the software I realize that Formac just slapped a slick case on the Pioneer DVR-108 and bundled it up with their DVD-authoring software and are selling it for $199.

I do some searching for the DVR-108 and see I can get it for $74 at Newegg, or I can go to CoolerExpress.com and get the burner in a Bytecc IDI->Firewire encloser for $120. Add in Roxio Toast Lite 6 for an extra $22. Roxio Toast Lite is Toast Titanium without the extra frills like network burn, vinyl record conversion.

That price makes it more compelling, still not 100% convinced. Part of me is excited to see if DVDs authored by something other than iDVD and the Superdrive are compatible with more DVD players, but another part of me wonders about the quality of the Roxio DVD-authoring software.

Posted by mike at December 4, 2004 9:27 PM