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December 9, 2004

Implementing Sakai in a Community College Consortium

Listening to Vivian Sinou from Foothill College talking about their process of implementing Sakai in a consortium of colleges.

Small group, Vivian asks for introductions.

eTudes (French for study) developed in house in 1995, started with a faculty member offering a course via email and getting in trouble. 48 partners schools using eTudes, mainly in California but also in a few other states. As Foothill College has wanted to migrate to Sakai they've had to think hard about all those partners.

Foothill applied for a grant from HP who came back and said they should join the Sakai effort, 2.5 million to join Sakai.

Steps after Getting the Grant
- gap analysis
- hiring/resource allocation
- learn new technologies
- gather requirements
- establish project plan
- communicate with core
- monitor progress closely
- migration strategy
- user support
- launch spring quarter pilots

Foothill is creating a tool for authoring lessons, includes a ton of functionality. Can be integrated with samigo, includes IMS content format import/export, show/hide courses.

The Foothill College authoring tool will be released with Sakai 2.0.

Posted by mike at December 9, 2004 2:40 PM