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December 9, 2004

Sakai Tools Team Update - Style Guide Overview

Am listening to a presentation from the tools team at Sakai Winter 2004 Conference on style guide. A new style guide (1.3) is being released at this conference. The 1.2.2 styleguide is up now. Sakai takes consistency and accessibility very seriously.

Style Guide
Work in progress which describes standards for Sakai development. Looked at all core schools CMS tools and design/usability guidelines and principles. Styleguide includes design and behavior requirements for tools.

Structure of Style Guide
- what's new
- preface
- written materials
- views (descriptions and sample)
- ui components

Why use the guide?
- consistend user experience across the appliction
- tools are used across institutions [and different skins]
- consistend mental models
- relieve cognitive load

The Usability Professionals' Association
has a Designing the User Experience poster which is a nice representation of the process of designing for the user experience.

How to use the guide
- get famiar with the document
- use it early
- UI changes made in style guide
- follow page layout and widgets
- language consistency
- informs basic interaction

Building a new wireframe
- start with an existing view (in Visio or OmniGraffle, files provided by Sakai)
- take the parts you need and drag them into a new diagram
- modify it to fit your design

Use labels for interaction behavior, CSS stylesheet coding guidance etc to elimintate confusion during conversations about the design.

All new 1.5 design work and 2.0 design work are using a common CSS stylesheet.

Posted by mike at December 9, 2004 11:53 AM