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December 22, 2004

Tufts hires Amy Rich, Unix guru and Sysadmin Author

A few weeks back our consultant, Amy Rich, notified us that after 7 years of being a consultant with OceanWave she was getting out of consulting to look for full-time employment. It was a bummer for us. She's built all but one of our systems and we'd relied on her expertise for all things sysadmin.

I was talking to her today about finishing some stuff up and she indicated she'd found a new job and was starting tomorrow. Out of curiosity I asked where she was going and she says . . . Tufts :}.

Amy is starting tomorrow as the new senior sysadmin for Tufts' university systems group (USG). I can't say how good it is to have her coming on board. She's been helping I've been working with her ever since I came to Tufts (in 2000), and have been reading her Q/A section in Sysadmin Magazine about as long. Amy's helped us out in many-a-pinch with anything from getting a terminal on an older Unix box to digging into firewall preformance issues.

Welcome aboard Amy, looking forward to (continued) working with you.

Posted by mike at December 22, 2004 10:32 AM