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December 9, 2004

What's New in Sakai 1.5?

Rob Lowden, who leads the Sakai tools team, is presenting a session at Sakai Winter 2004 conference about what new features are coming in Sakai 1.5.

In many places on the site Sakai is using HTMLarea.

Personal Profile
- view users in the system
- edit user profile (may be pre-populated from directory)
- add photo
- create HTML body bio

- create a site with multiple syllabus items - with WYSIWYG HTML editor
Context Sensitive Help
- comes with static help for existing Tools
- for each tool in the system a help system is available so if people are looking for help on a certain page the help that comes up is targeted to that tool
- submit a help form/trouble ticket

Calendar Widget
- anywhere in system a date is needed there is a little calendar widget

Site Management Tool
- search for sites by date, school and department
- administrators can "adopt" a role when using the system, to help see system as another user for testing, debugging
- reuse, duplicate, copy sites
- homesite layout - create views that appear on all site pages

User Management
- search
- edit username, roles and status
- identify manyally added participants (not created in bulk)

- assessment authoring
- assessment publishing
- assessment taking
- assessment grading
- question pool management
- template management

- integrated with SAMigo
- coming after 1.5 release, but before 2.0

Coming in 2.0
- advanced resources tool
- sessions-bases syllabus tool
- worksite overhaul (redo to match latest UI spec)
- help authoring

Posted by mike at December 9, 2004 10:32 AM