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January 18, 2005

Back in the Good Graces of Gentoo Linux (AMD 64-bit)

I've been using the machine I built from scratch for a week or so now. I was pretty proud that I got it up and running without much of a hitch. I was particularly nervous about getting it to boot. There are no hard drives on the main IDE bus. I have SCSI disks on a PCI card, one for boot and one for data. I also wondered if there would be complications with the AMD 64 Gentoo. My first attempt to bootstrap the system failed in an error, but after resyncing the portage tree and trying a second time the error didn't appear.

I did have one other problem (not counting getting the driver modules loaded). After I had completed the install and gone through setting up GRUB I attempted to boot and got a failure that turned out to be generated by a misconfigured Linux kernel (complied in wrong SCSI card drivers). I recompilied the kernel and rebooted and was at the login prompt.

It's been awhile since I tackled a Gentoo install, was a good experience. No matter how quick I work, the Stage 1 install is always a several-day commitment because I don't sit around waiting for things to compile and end up forgetting.

Posted by mike at January 18, 2005 11:10 PM