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January 19, 2005

What is taking up the disk space on our servers?

I've been dealing with upgrading some disk space on a few of our TUSK machines and got to wondering just what is taking up space on our system.

Now, I realize we're small beans compared to some, but I still wanted to take a snapshot of what kind of storage we demand now to look back at down the road.

1.3 G - fop generated pdfs (from XML documents)
3.3 G - static pdfs
1.5 G - images on filesystem
7.6 G - other downloadable files (zip, powerpoint)
5.3 G - flashpix images
12 G - streaming media (real, quicktime, mp3)
3 G - ULMS data
25 G - MySQL data files

There are a number of smaller groups of files, didn't include those. All totalled we're around 60G.

Another reason to document disk usage is an upcoming effort to provide more audio and video recordings of lectures, which may grow our data exponentially in the next year.

Posted by mike at January 19, 2005 4:52 PM