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January 11, 2005

Jobs Keynote Webcast Delayed 9 Hours

Bummer. I was planning on watching Steve Jobs' keynote today. I couldn't find a link anywhere on Apple or macworldexpo, ended up doing a Google search and finding out that they announced yesterday that it would be delayed.

Hmm. What could the reason be? Is it technical (post-production work)? Do they want the attendees to feel like they are a private audience? Are there things coming that need more significant delay until other people hear Jobs say it? You know that the media, webloggers etc will cover this stuff, now I'll be hearing about through other sources when I wanted to hear it from the man himself.

Folks at MacWorld suggest it's because QuickTime 7 is coming out, and the keynote will be made available only in QT 7 as a way to get peole to upgrade.

In the past, I loved watching the speech and then niticing that as he conculded the Apple website was updated with everything just announced. Good timing is all part of the marketing machine.

This year, the timing will be off for those of us not at the Moscone Center (at least 9 hours).

Posted by mike at January 11, 2005 1:10 PM