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January 3, 2005

Students Using the Tufts Knowledgebase at Midnight, New Years Eve

I was working on a script to automate a monthly rotation of the Apache logs on our webservers and discovered that there was a student from the dental school at Tufts University looking at dental images on TUSK at mindnight on New Years Eve. Being curious, I scanned through a few hours of the logs and found there was more than one.

I guess if you're serious about your studies, no time is a good time to take a break from reviewing your course material.

Anonymous Coward raises a good point, perhaps the student is in a different time zone? A check on the GeoBytes IP Locator reveals that the student's IP was in the Natick, MA area, not more than 45 minutes from our data center.

Posted by mike at January 3, 2005 3:12 PM