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January 19, 2005

The More I Write the More I . . . Play Guitar?

The book writing is in full swing. Working on my 4th chapter right now, due this Friday. I've got a backlog of entries about the writing experience. At some point it will all come out. The schedule is really aggressive, am spending about 4 hours a night writing and more on weekends.

The interesting side-effect of this is that the more time I spend researching technology, and pouring over creating clear explanations of things the more I'm finding myself really interested in playing the guitar. Maybe it's just a nice escape, but I've worked up a number of songs I used to play on my acoustic guitar and take 5 minute breaks here and there to play on or two of them. Kind of strange, I haven't played the guitar very regularly for a few years. Now that I'm completely swamped with other things, I finally have time to play guitar? Doesn't seem to add up.

It kind of goes along with my theory that I do better at everything when I'm busy. The worst semester (grade wise) I ever had was the one where I didn't have a job or any extra commitments. The semesters I did best in school were the ones where I worked 30 hours a week, went to school full time and did all the lighting design and operations for a performance group at college. Crazy how that works.

Posted by mike at January 19, 2005 12:26 AM