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February 14, 2005

I Have a Mug Shot

For the past two years, when I've put proposals in for OSCON, I've left the "please include a URL to a photo of you" blank. Not sure why, but this year I actually dug into my photo library and dug out a photo to include. I wonder what this photo says about who I am.

I put two proposals in for OSCON 2005. One to talk about the major shift for us at TUSK when we went from developing an appliction for Tufts to a system that could be easily ported to another institution. The second is about using views and stored functions in MySQL to create virtual representations of a database. Who knows, every year I put in a presentation with no clue if the conference organizers will think the proposals will be of any interest to attendees. I thought about submitting a proposal to repeat last year's presentation on Using MySQL for Binary Data, with an update. Just didn't seem right. Other than the database growing to over a million images, I haven't done anything major on that subject lately.

The photo was taken by Heidi while we were walking along the Thames River in London back in June, 2004.

Posted by mike at February 14, 2005 12:31 AM