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February 2, 2005

It's Official . . . I have a Woodpile

Somewhere over the last two months my wife, Heidi, and a friend of mine, Dan, got me excited about using our fireplace. Dan has two fireplaces in his house and used some of their winter-heating budget to buy wood for their fireplaces.

At first, I was more interested for asthetics. I wanted to have a cold, dark, snowy night and be gathered around a warm fire having good conversation, reading etc. However, as I looked at the price of our monthly oil bill and got some quotes on wood it became clear that every hour we keep the furnace off and use the fire we're saving money.

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning Dan brought his chimney-sweep equipment over and we spent an hour running the brushes up the chimney (a dirty job). Dan brought a few dozen nice pieces of wood to get us started.

The fire we lit that night was a much-anticipated spectacle. The whole family pulled chairs up around the fireplace for a few evening hours and read stories. Funny thing, that night it started snowing which ended up being Boston's blizzard of 2005 where everything shut down for a few days. Couldn't have been happier about the circumstances, being stuck inside by the warm fire.

We used all of the wood from Dan over the long weekend and then went two weeks without any wood. I was trying to find free, or cheap wood using craigslist, but it was never quite right (asking too much or wanting to sell in larger quantities). When we reached the second weekend without firewood I just couldn't wait any longer so I found a local garden shop (turned out to have pretty pricing), that did firewood in the winter. I ordered 1/4 cord and had it delivered.

The dude came and dumped the wood in our driveway yesterday afternoon. Last night I spent a few hours moving it onto our enclosed porch, stacking it just like my dad did when we were kids. I actually called my dad when I was done and apologized for being such a thorn when he needed me to stack wood as a kid. It was hard to believe that I hated it so much 15 years ago, and now it's something made it hard for me to concentrate at work, thinking about getting home to stack the wood and light a fire.

Anyhow, last night's fire was OK - I kept neglecting it spent more time doing maintenance than I wanted. Tonight I've got an awesome one going. The coals are so hot you can feel them halfway across the room and the pieces of wood almost instantly ignite when put into the fire.

Alright, now back to less natural things, like configuring servers.

Posted by mike at February 2, 2005 9:40 PM