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February 22, 2005

They Might Be Giants at Border's Books

We braved some snowy weather last night and took the kids (2 and 4 years) and Heidi's mom to see They Might Be Giants at Borders Books in Braintree, MA.

The show was excellent. It was small, just the two Johns and a drummer on a small stage. They played mostly stuff from their two recent kids CDs, No and Here Come the ABCs, but also did a few classics like James K. Polk and Particle Man.

I've never seen so many folks in a Border's bookstore. I'd guess more than 200, but I never got to really see everyone. A few minutes before the show started, John Flansburg got up and told all the people who didn't have kids to move to the back and let people with kids come to the front. There were a few dozen teenage and college-age TMBG fans that had staked a large area right by the stage that didn't want to budge. John got back up a few minutes later and made a more firm statement (because people weren't moving) and said that backing up 3 feet isn't going to change what you adults can see but it will make a world of difference to the little kids.

They are stopping in a dozen places on this tour.

Posted by mike at February 22, 2005 9:31 AM