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March 20, 2005

12" PowerBook in Permanent Coma (perhaps dead)

Well, my comments the other day on getting a new PowerBook were foreshadowing. I plugged in the power adaptor on Saturday and was suprised to hear a loud snap, like an electrical charge had been sent to the wrong place and fried something. I was quite nervous that the machine itself was hosed, but found that I could boot up just fine and do my normal work, except for the fact that there was no juice getting from the adaptor to the computer, or battery. Realizing I had about 60 minutes left on the battery, I quickly ran the laptop downstairs to the office and started performing a backup onto the external firewire drive I keep around for making backups.

While it backed up I tried fervently to get some power into the battery, using my spare power adaptor and the adaptor from Heidi's 14" iBook, but to no avail. Shortly after the backup finished, the laptop went into hibernate and I closed her (or his) lid to rest until I can figure out what the plan is.

I've had problems with the power before on this laptop, the slick little ring around the adaptor that shows green or orange to indicate charge status hasn't worked for a year. The laptop has fallen a half-dozen times, I believe one of those was a direct hit on the plugged-in power adaptor which most likely dealt a blow to the power input circuit board (did you know that there's a circuit board that handles the power input?).

The plan is to talk to my manager tomorrow about it and see what makes sense. I could probably get the laptop repaired. The part looks like it's around $100, assuming that the power input circuit board is what is fried. There is a chance I'd send the laptop back to Apple and have them repair it but that probably quadruples the fee. No, the laptop isn't on an Apple Extended Care Plan. I paid $1400 for the laptop, putting $300 into a service plan seemed silly, and still does.

The other thing, as I've mentioned before, I had actually been thinking about requesting a new laptop for other reasons, so there's always the chance I'd just leave this old boy resting and move to a new one.

Posted by mike at March 20, 2005 2:56 PM