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March 21, 2005

Laptop Cost: Dell vs Apple

I've seen Steve Jobs compare Apple pricing to competitors before, so I thought that before I get into pushing for a new laptop I'd look at what Dell charges for a comprable laptop.

The laptop I'm looking at is a PowerBook 15", 1.67Ghz processor, 1G Memory, 100G hard disk, DVD burner, 64M video ram and build-in wireless. This laptop has a 15" screen, weighs 5.5 lbs and is 1.1" thick. The price, with 3-year extended warranty is $2,563.

The Dell Lattitude D505 showed up as a comprable laptop after answering a few questions of the laptop assistant. It has a 15" screen, weight 6 lbs (5 without battery and drive) and is 1.25 inches thick. I configured it with 1.7 Ghz Pentium (fastest available), 1G memory, 60G hard drive (largest they had), DVD burner, wireless card. The price, with 3-year warrantee is $2,018.

I'm sure Steve would have done a bit more work to bring the Dell cost up significantly higher by configuring it with all the extras that come with a PowerBook, but the comparison should probably be between the core pieces, adding in the extras for weight in justifying the extra expense.

The question is then, is it worth the extra $500 to have a Mac? That probably depends on your preferences, and how you feel about the extra's that come with a Mac.

- Sudden Motion Sensor - pulls heads off disk during a laptop drop or sudden move
- 8x DVD writer (Dell is 4X)
- Gigabit ethernet
- Firewire 800
- DVI output
- Aluminum case
- OS X
- iLife '05 Suite

For me, it's worth the extra $500 just to stay on OS X and have all the applications and tools that I'm so used to using. Having DVI to connect to my 19" Viewsonic will hopefully be something to gawk at. Gigabit will be nice when working in the data center (I'm not aware of any other place where I could utilize it).

Posted by mike at March 21, 2005 2:54 PM