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March 30, 2005

My View of Red Sox Spring Training 2005

Today I spent the day in Ft. Myers, Florida with the family. In planning our trip we had waited until it was too late to get tickets, so we opted to show up at the City of Palms Park where the Red Sox play their spring training games and see about getting tickets.

They had standing room only tickets and after some thought I offered to stay with the kids while Heidi and Holli (Heidi's sister) went to the game. The kids and I went to the Imaginarium, which was kind of a like a children's museum and a lot of fun.

After playing for a few hours at the Imaginarium we went back to a playground right across the street from the ballpark. We could see the score board and hear the action, and if I climbed up onto the kids slide I had a pretty good view of the game.

Unfortunately, the kids were there to play and demanded my attention so most of what was left of the game was spent playing with the kids.

The photo is taken looking toward the ballpark. We were 50 yards behind the fence to the right outfield. If someone had hit a homerun to right field, there's a chance that with enough distance it would have landed, or bounced into the playground.

Posted by mike at March 30, 2005 8:47 PM