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March 12, 2005

My Weblog is a Source of Information on Gatorade

I was looking through the February statistics for my weblog tonight. I was surprised to find that the number one item that was entered into a search engine that brought folks to this weblog was: gatorade.

Yes, that is a bit puzzling. In August, 2003 I wrote about switching from Mt. Dew to Gatorade (which didn't last long, by the way). That's the only reference to gatorade in the 2 years I've been putting stuff up here.

A search on Google didn't turn something up on the first 20 pages (which is deeper than I've ever gone in a Google search). Either there's a warped search engine out there that has me higher in the ranks, or some people are really interested in finding every piece of information possible about gatorade.

Update: After looking around the logs a bit I discovered that if you do an image search on Google, the image I used shows up on the second page. Apparently I'm not a source for information on gatorade, but a source for the gatorade logo. Perhaps I should name images I don't want showing up on Google by a name more cryptic than gatorade.png.

Posted by mike at March 12, 2005 9:17 PM