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March 24, 2005

Replacing a DC-In Circuit Board on 12" Powerbook

After a bit of calling around I secured a DC-in circuit board for my 12" PoweBook laptop (the place I originally ordered from ended up being out of stock).

In my calling around (I've talked to 6 different places now), someone warned me that doing this work myself was not advised, and required getting as deep into the laptop as you can. That made me a little nervous, but I pushed forward in looking for a part. In the end I found the part in stock at PB FixIt. The cool thing about PB FixIt is that with every part you order, there is a tutorial, with photos, for how to get the part installed.

The tutorial for installing the DC-in circuit board is going to save me. This procedure is ranked as "difficult" and requires removing the following in the process:

The part is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I'll be spending the evening getting it installed. Results will be posted.

Posted by mike at March 24, 2005 3:39 PM