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March 9, 2005

Sakai 1.5 Released

Tuned in to the Sakai Educational Partners conference call today. As of today, Sakai 1.5 is available. The sakai site has a press release with a bunch of information.

What's in 1.5?
- normalized data into database structure, instead of using XML storage are now using Hypersonic database out of box (much better scalability)
- JSF improvements (tools can dictate version of JSF to use)
- HSQLDB is default database
- Improved Realm APIs
- Improved Site Service APIs
- context sensitive help
- syllabus tool
- disable auto-refresh behavior
- assignments has new role, grader
- database converstion tool
- integration with SAMigo
- configure resourse to store in database or filesystem
- enable or disable User Presence in the UI

Now that 1.5 is out the door, developers turn their full attention to the 2.0 release. There's even talk of the possibility of that being close to release before the Sakai summer conference!

Posted by mike at March 9, 2005 2:08 PM