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March 14, 2005

Thinking about Bob Mould

For some reason I've been thinking a lot about Bob Mould lately, which has led to a lot of reading and digging around and bringing up the past. I think it all started with stumbling into the M secion of my iTunes playlist, which has a fair amount of Mould in it.

If you don't know Bob Mould, he was the songwriter and guitarist for Husker Du, a well-known and critically acclaimed Minneapolis-based band. I lived up the road in Fargo, ND back when Husker Du was still together but really remember getting familiar with them just as they split. There was a lot of speculation about conflicts between Bob Mould and Grant Hart (songwriter and drummer), and who really was responsible for the ending of the band.

Shortly after the split we started hearing word that Mould was working on a solo, and more acoustic album. After much anticipation we finally got our hands on Workbook (which I think was the first CD I ever purchased, being a fan of records). Shortly after Workbook came out a few of us went and saw Mould perform at 1st Avenue in Minneapolis. I'm not sure I had any idea then how much Mould would do over then next 15 years.

Since then Mould has done a few other solo CDs, and got a lot of attention with another band, Sugar. He's done some post-Sugar solo work. I've been listening to the hubcap album lately. From the posts on his weblog, Mould is in the final stretches of a new album.

In my digging around I stumbled into Mould's weblog, which appears to be fairly active, and not just a bunch of music and album-related hype. Is interesting to see this kind of "normalness" coming from a person I always saw as a bit of an enigma. He's got a nice Mac setup for recording etc:

Oh, forgot to put a link to the new machines in my life. Add 1 GB of RAM and an AirPort card to the stock model, a terabyte of hard disk space, and that's what I'm driving these days. If you're an audio geek, check out these plug-ins from DUY, Elemental Audio, and PSP - they make everything sound louder and / or better!
But no comments allowed on his weblog.

One last, silly note. When R.E.M. stopped in Minneapolis for the Green Tour, back in 1989, Mould played a few songs with them. As we were leaving the arena a friend and I stopped in the bathroom. On the life of my friend, Bob Mould was at the urinal beside him. I only got a glance as the believed Mould was on the way out, so couldn't provide any validation. I have doubted it ever since because I just can't believe that one of the performers would have been using the public restrooms. Not sure that was worth sharing.

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