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April 7, 2005

Content Collaboration for Medical Education

This morning's first session at MedBiquitous is about Content Colaboration. The panelists are:

David Davies, IVIMEDS
Sandra McIntyre, HEAL
Grance Huang (Harvard), MedEdPortal
Marty Nachbar (NYU), COMET


First presentation is from David Davies from IVIMEDS talking about how IVIMEDS is pulling together content from many schools, organizations, publishers etc.


Second presentation is Sandra McIntyre is from HEAL (Health Education Assetts Library). HEAL runs on SQL Server, but is being modified to run on MySQL. Have about 20,000 items in the repository. HEAL is both a web site and a local installation. The local installation is called HEAL_local, scheduled to be released in the fall. It will allow you to install HEAL in your library and use it to both store your own assetts as well as subscribe to the central HEAL repository.

HEAL has a peer review, and the reviewers are not anonymous.

New Collaborative Groups to HEAL
George Washington Partnerships for Training
NANOS collections

International Standards
Build the HEAL Metadata schema from IMS, but are moving toward LAM.


Third presentation of the session is from Grace Huang, who's talking about MedEdPortal, a project from the AAMC.

(a few notes, doing more listening that writing)
MedEdPortal is coming up with a new search, that isn't just generic.


The fourth presentation of the session is Marty Nachbar from NYU talking about the COMET group, which is a collection of a dozen+ schools that are working in collaboration to build better surgery tools. The focus is on the virtual person, students don't see enough people.

Marty highlights some of the things that are happening at the different schools.

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