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April 7, 2005

CORDRA for Discovery of SCORM Content

Dan Rehak, from Canegie Mellon University, is delivering a presentation at the annual MedBiquitous conference about searching for SCORM content. How do we enable a Google-like search to find reusable learning objects?

SCORM is about content objects and meta data, but not about discovery and access.

Places where you might go to discover? MedEdPortal, PubMed, NLM, HEAL, RSNA, IVIMEDS, Meld, Medianet, PHIL.

Learning content should be available, easy to find, uncoupled from courses, accessible seamlessly, reusable, subject to rights management and managed.

Repositories hold items, registries are interfaces for content discovery, federations are collections of repositories and registries.

There are a lot of pieces of content, but there isn't a single point of access. How do we build to the larger community?

is an open, standards-based model for how to design and implement software systems for the purposes of discovery, sharing and reuse of learning content through the establishment of interoperable features. The CORDRA model has many classifications of registries, and groups all of these registry types into one global interface.

CORDRA is a model for creating federations, and is on the way to becoming a working system.

A few issues:
- how to enable one-stop search (esp if the meta data is in different standards
- how to rank items
- federated search isn't scalable (CORDRA solves by federated search of the registry)

There's a demo site running to play with.

Posted by mike at April 7, 2005 1:01 PM