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April 19, 2005

Michael Tiemann: Defining Open Source

Second keynote of the morning at MySQL 2005 is Michael Tiemann from Red Hat. Mike was at the helm of Cygnus before it was bought by Red Hat and is also the president of the Open Source Initiative.

Mike notes that in 1993 Sun was encouraged to open source Solaris and refused. Ironic that they are now doing it with Solaris 10.

Massive Change by Bruce Mau: Now that we can do anything, what will we do?

Mike points to a document written by the Swedish software review process (in their government) that indicates that the Swedish government finds open source software is of the same, if not higher quality than proprietary.

In Apache, 10-15 people do 85% of the work. Beyond that is a slew of other developers.

Mike suggest that to make good open source software, don't write to get around a problem, write to fix a problem. Writing around a problem leads to code that over time gets bad and when you've got many people developing the same application you need to

Eric von Hippel says that 85% of the best developments from requests and ideas provide by the user, not the provider.

Microsoft is a failure of the shared source code model. In 2002 they spend 100 M on security. In 2003 they spend 200 M on security. In 2004 they were up to 1 billion. For 2005 they've budgeted 2 billion.

In 1996 Linux was told that 2% of Fuzz Tests caused the kernel to fail. Someone thought that was unaceptable and a single person went and fixed all the problems to make it 100% fuzz-proof.

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