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April 6, 2005

Enabling Collaboration for Healthcare Education

The 2005 MedBiquitous conference gets started this morning with an update from Peter Greene, the Executive Director of MedBiq and Associate Dean for Emerging Technologies at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Peter is giving an overview of many of the MedBiquitous efforts. I'm engaged in listening (and writing about yeterday's SCORM meeting) and am not catching everything. A few of the main points.

Standards Work
MedBiq has gone through the process of becoming a authorized standards setting body via ANSI.

Virtual Patients
A lot of work going into online teaching and trying to create a virtual experience that closely represents the real experience interacting with patients. HL7 is an existing standard for clinical data.

The Medical community has made contributions to SCORM 2004 to make sure that content can be packaged with all the relevent information necessary in health education.

Activity Reporting
A standard way of describing and reporting professional education and maintenanace of certificates. MEMS (Medical Education Metrics) is a group focused on standards for reporting.

Need to have a technical format. Working with IEEE Reusable Competency group.

Professional Profile
A common format for exchanging information about healthcare professionals (including education, training, cerfification, memberships etc). Having this information in a standard facilitates cross-organization collaboration.

A Number of Guideline Documents have been created:
- Single sign on using SAML (Security Assertions Markup Language).
- RSS Syndication to say what's new in a news feed

How are MedBiq Standards Developed?
- ANSI process which means opennes, transparency, consensus and due process
- Focus on near term, achievable goals
- Partner with industry leaders
- Build on existing standards
- Partner with other standards groups

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