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April 6, 2005

Evening with the Orioles at Camden Yards

Since I was in Baltimore, and staying not far from Camden Yards, I got a ticket to tonight's game between the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics. It was a lot of fun.

The fans aren't quite as passionate in Baltimore as they are at Fenway Park, but I felt closer to home when the fans jeered at their own shortstop for not making enough effort to grab a grounder. I had planned on getting a hot dog in the park, but a vendor right outside was selling them 2 for $4 with a soda and I was pretty sure that inside the ballpark $4 would only get half a hot dog so I ate outside.

Camden Yards is a really nice facility. Designed to be like the parks built in the early 1900s. I had pretty decent seats, $27 will get you much closer to home plate in Baltimore than it will in Boston.

It was such a nice experience that I'm looking at trying to get up to see the Giants when out in San Francisco area for the MySQL 2005 conference.

Note about the photo: I took the photo using my Canon PowerShot s400's panorama feature, which shows you the right edge of the previously taken photo on the screen along with what's in the lense. This allows you to turn the camera to the right and line up the next shot with the previous photo's edge. It still took a bit of Photoshop to smooth out the seams and make the lines match up. It would look so much nicer on a wide-screen monitor, the 12" PowerBook screen is quite lacking.

Posted by mike at April 6, 2005 11:38 PM