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April 18, 2005

Morning Run

I'm always optimistic that a conference will lend to enough free time to squeeze in a morning run. As I'm in California (Santa Clara) for the MySQL User's Conference I figured I'd at least bring my shoes and shorts.

Lo and behold, at 5am I could not longer sleep due to the time difference. I got up and got dressed in my running clothes, but found that it was still very dark. I stretched, read the paper, did a little writing and at 6:30 it was light enough to head out. I thought California would be warm, but it was pretty chilly out.

I ran from the hotel down past Misson College to a very large Yahoo! building (it has a Yahoo! sign on it, but I think the main "campus" is in Sunnyvale). I have no idea how far that is. I'd guess 2 miles round trip. I got through around 30 minutes of music so I figure somewhere around that.

On the way back into the hotel lobby the bell-hop handed me a towel wrapped around a bottle of cool spring water. How cool is that! I don't travel a lot, and don't always run when I'm staying somewhere, but I've never had that happen before.

Posted by mike at April 18, 2005 10:53 AM