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April 19, 2005

MySQL Cluster New Features and Roadmap

Listening to John David Duncan present on MySQL cluster at MySQL 2005. Cluster was announced at last year's user conference, released with version 4.1.3.

The time since then has been spent on understanding the cluster, it's limitations and processes. Nobody initially understood how NDB would integrate into MySQL and a year later there is a much greater understanding.

4.1.10a has been released and is a milestone release. Easy to install binaries with RPMs. A chapter in the documentation was a part of the release. BLOBs data types were added.

At 5.0.3, NDB was put into the source tree. Where clauses are being pushed down to the storage engine. Improved space effencency. Includes significant speed optimizations and compatibility with the query cache.

MySQL server requests the data from the storage engine and when it gets all the data it applies the where clause. With NDB this is not a good arrangement so are now pushing the WHERE clause down to the NDB engine to allow the engine to return only the rows needed in the query.

Cluster in 5.1 will include integration with replication, partitioning (will apply to all storage engines), non-indexed attributes stored on disk, variable-length records and online schema and cluster changes.

Partitioning in MySQL 5.1 will allow you to have a table composed of many tables. Will be better than MERGE tables, supports all storage engines and can PARTITION BY range, hash, list or key. The partition work builds a foundation for parallel query execution (wouldn't that be cool!?).

Posted by mike at April 19, 2005 7:02 PM