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April 19, 2005


Michael Zinner is presenting about GUI tools at MySQL 2005. He's the lead developer on the MySQL GUI Team. Was developing DBDesigner4 as an open source project two years ago and got swept up by MySQL AB. They are up to eight different tools now (both currently available and those in development/planning).

As far as the vision for the GUI team, Michael wants to develop a dedicated application for each task, to make it easier for new users to learn MySQL, and for advanced users to be able to achieve complex tasks in less time. Wants to make MySQL competitive with Oracle and SQL Server, both of which have slick user interfaces. Didn't want to use Java, preferring to use the native tools which means porting for each environment. The GUI team is only three developers, adding one more soon.

They created a central set of C libraries, which are used by different code specific to the native operating system libraries.

Worthy of note are a new version of the MySQL Administrator which includes more fully featured backup utility.

MySQL Migration Toolkit is a new tool for migrating data into MySQL. Currently the toolkit supports migrating data from Oracle and Access. Will be adding SQL Server, Informix and DB2 next.

Next on the list is a MySQL Workbench (for database design) and beyond that is a MySQL Enterprise Manager and a MySQL Cluster/Replication Manager.

Overall, the GUI team at MySQL AB has created some really nice tools. It's amazing to think that in just 18 months (since Michael joined MySQL) they've built such an incredible set of stable tools. The user interface on these tools is very clean looking.

Posted by mike at April 19, 2005 4:45 PM